We work for you

The People

With over 20 years of experience in call center software development and telecommunications, plus over 30 combined years in call center administration, training and management consultation, XenCALL can focus on what counts: productivity and profit margins.

In 2012, we created XenCALL after developing a lead-distribution technology in 2010 that instantly produced a 140% sales increase across the board. Call centers using our product today benefit from sales increases up to 300%.

We understand the importance of intuitive software that is easy to deploy and backed by dedicated support and development teams, so that's why we built XenCALL.

The Solution

XenCALL is an all-in-one CRM and VOIP platform, fully browser-based with no downloads required. Our software is easy to learn and user-friendly, enhanced by one-on-one, personalized training and in-house technical support.

The XenCALL predictive dialer CRM delivers a rich feature list, including extensive reporting, analytics and API-integration options, to provide you the freedom to customize a complete and modern call center solution that works best for you.

Our platform is available on a month-to-month basis with a free demo, a 24-hour deployment window, a no-obligation trial period and no long-term commitments, enabling you to experience the power and flexibility of XenCALL.

Our Mission

XenCALL prides itself on “transforming the way businesses communicate with their customers.” We focus on what matters and have built our company around improving your ability to reach more prospects and convert more leads.

Focused on What Matters to You

We care about your company, so we've built ours around enhancing your ability to work with ease.

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Advanced Reporting Features

We provide unique, effortless reporting that gives you peace of mind.

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